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community guidelines

our guidelines were created to ensure all users have a safe, positive and welcoming experience using Boop go find someone fun to do something fun. if you are unable to comply with our guidelines you may have your profile edited or removed from the platform. 

personal information ‍

we go to great lengths to ensure our platform is secure, but please be aware - this is still the internet. therefore we request that you be sensible about sharing personal information. the more you share about yourself, the more likely you are to find someone who wants to do cool things with you. 

we ask that users follow the below guidelines when creating their profile:

  • use your real age

  • be genuine about your gender

  • be genuine about your sexuality. anyone using the platform insincerely will be blocked for life

  • no hate speech (racism, sexism etc)

  • no overtly sexualised content

  • no incoherent text (or bios comprising just special characters, emojis etc)


there's no one out there quite like be yourself! share any real details you feel comfortable sharing so that people can get to know the real you. that means no fake names, heavily edited photos or fake hobbies/interests just to seem interesting. catfishing or similar will earn you a lifetime ban. 

likewise, be sincere in your intention - don't lie about why you're here, and don't be here in the first place if you have no intention of ever meeting up.


there's more to a person than meets the eye, so we encourage all users to dive deeper into a profile before making up their mind about another user. that being said, photos can be a great way to express yourself. we ask that users follow the below guidelines when uploading photos:

  • only upload your own content - if you don't have rights or permission to upload it, don't. 

  • no explicit content. ever. 

  • no pics in your underwear (or swimwear unless in an appropriate setting).

  • no kids on their own. all photographs containing children should be your own (or a child you have permission to share on a social platform) and must be with a parent or guardian. they must be fully clothed. 

  • no topless mirror selfies (this is as much for your benefit as everyone else's).

  • no guns.

  • no watermarks or overlaid text.

  • no photoshopped images.

  • no filters that obscure your features or make you hard to identify.

  • no low quality images.

  • no images with graphic content (hunting etc.)​.


interacting with others

great relationships don't start with 'hey'. be original, be unique, be interesting. we highly recommend tailoring your message to each user based on information in their profile - their interests, their experiences, their photos. you'll have a better chance of them responding, and they'll have a better first impression.

we ask that you respect the differences of others - if you come across someone with a different belief or interest to yourself and you're not interested in learning more about it, move on. we expect all users to treat themselves, each other and our staff with respect as fellow humans and encourage anyone who has had this respect violated to report the user for the good of the community. ​

dating IRL


going out on fun date is the whole point of Boop! we want you to get our there and try something new with someone new. dating in the real world

bad actors


don't be one. we encourage users to report any they come across - reported users accounts will be reviewed and may be suspended. 



we request that all users to everything in their power to ensure the safety of themselves and any others users on our platform. that includes reporting any fraudulent or malicious users, looking out for themselves and each other when on dates and ensuring that someone knows where you are when you go out with someone you met on our platform. our safety features are designed to protect you but due diligence is strong advised in addition. 



don't do anything illegal on our site. this may result in your being banned and reported to local authorities.



Boop is not your marketplace. if you want to sell something, Gumtree or Facebook marketplace are the perfect place to list those old pot lids.  


For any questions or notices, please contact us at:

Sticki Co Pty Ltd ABN 82 618 670 045  Email:

Last update: 28 July 2021

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