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download & win!

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sneak a peek & win a date

we can't wait to launch Boop: the going-on-dates app; so we're not!

we've partnered with Aus Venue Co. to give you an exclusive sneak peek, along with the chance to win five awesome dates. 


for our android users, simply download from the Play Store and create a profile between August and November 2021 and you'll automatically be entered into the draw .

for our iOS users, pre-order on the App Store and create a profile using the form below  

between August and November 2021 to be entered into the draw 🙌

what is the going-on-dates app?

Boop's not a dating app - it's the going-on-dates app. 100% free and 100% designed to get you going on dates, we were built based on community feedback to make meeting someone as fun as possible. 

with Boop, you can create better profiles that help you show your true self, find people based on mutual interests and hobbies and create actual dates in the real world by choosing a venue from our curated list of Melbourne's best date spots.

pre-order for ios

Boop: the going-on-dates app is available for pre-order on the App Store.

create your profile using the below form and we'll automatically add your profile to the app once we launch 


how does it work?


plan dates, get discounts

choose from a curated list of Melbourne's best date spots, create a date through the app and enjoy 15% off the bill

join the community

join a community of authentic, motivated individuals and contribute to a better online dating experience

stop paying for love

we're 100% free - and always will be.

we get paid through partner venues, not subscriptions.

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make Boop better


we’re built by our community, for our community, and we’re always listening. that's why we've created spaces where you can provide feedback, request features & discuss your experiences.

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future features, requested by you


better profiles, better people

add more details to your profile to match with people who share your interests

your safety is our priority

feel secure with features designed to keep you, your mental health & your data safe

more than matching

enjoy support through all stages of your relationship journey - because we care about the outcome