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the going-on-dates app

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introducing Boop: the going-on-dates app that lets you connect, chat and create great dates. 


we’re for first dates, date nights and dates with mates - because whether it's your 1st date or your 1000th, everyone deserves great dates!


discover some of the city’s best date spots and access exclusive deals and discounts 🥂


download free today

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actually meet up

less messaging, more meeting - plan a date, get off your phone & get out there

discover new places

we've curated a list of the best date spots & activities near you

get Boop benefits

enjoy access to exclusive deals and discounts 👌

how it works


meet new people, or meet with friends


singles mode lets you discover someone who shares your interests for the best first dates, while relationship mode lets you share your profile with your friends & fam for great dates with mates.

have a chat


get to know the person beyond the profile, or find a time for a long overdue catch-up. sushi, anyone? 🍣


create a date


choose from a curated list of your city's best date spots, pick a date and time and enjoy exclusive Boop benefits.

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