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about us

hi! we're Boop

we’re the cheerleaders of online dating, your fairy godmother watching over you as you get out there. we help you find the right match, give you ideas (and deals) for a great date and - unlike other apps - support you as you develop the relationship further...or help you politely part ways and try again with someone else.

we know that not all dates will help you find ‘the one’, but they’ll get you a lot closer than endless chats and eggplant emojis - and you’ll have a lot more fun along the way.

why Boop?


we built Boop because we kept hearing about how frustrated people were with existing dating apps, who are designed to set their users up for failure - they only get paid if you're on the app!

that's why we decided to try something completely new and partner with venues - so not only will you never pay for love, you’ll get to organise super fun dates too 👌