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join Boop beta

the going-on-dates app is looking for people to test our newest features.  share your feedback to help make Boop better

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how to participate


register for Beta

register yourself on our website as a beta user


download beta app


share your feedback

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suggest features, vote or log any bugs you find 🐛

register for beta

register for beta

thanks for joining!

share your feedback


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how to test the app


create your profile

sign up by verifying your phone number, then add your date of birth, name, gender, sexual preferences, photos, bio, location and email


find a match

browse through profiles, say yes to some, no to others, give people a second chance. block/report users to help keep the platform safe


start a conversation

hop on over to your inbox, chat with your matches, see if anything changes when you create a date...


create a date

plan a date; pick a time, date and location & send to your match. make changes, accept explore your date list.  don't forget  to use your discount!


manage your account

view & edit your profile, refer a friend, view our T&Cs, give us feedback, contact us or log out (for now 😉)

need help? contact us at

what is the going-on-dates app?

Boop's not a dating app - it's the going-on-dates app. dates aren't just for singles - with Boop, you can meet someone new, or create dates with your mum, with your mates, or with your main squeeze!

Boop is 100% free and 100% designed to get you off your phone and into some of Melbourne's best date spots. chat with people who share your interests, then get out there and have some fun!

create great dates

find a time and date that work for you and lock it in - never forget a date!

get great discounts

choose from a curated list of Melbourne's best date spots and enjoy 15% off the bill.

100% free

and always will be.

we get paid through partner venues, not subscriptions.

why build Boop?


after two years in lockdown, it's time to get out there. now, more than ever, we need to connect - with our friends, with our family, with someone new. Boop was created to help you have fun experiences in the real world (while also supporting our hard-hit hospo industry).

we want to make it easier to meet up with people - we've curated the list of the best Melbourne has to offer and we'll lock in the time and date so you just have to pick a place and have a great time. no need to research or search back through messages!


we also want to make it easier to meet people - that's why we're building better safety features, more interesting profiles, more relevant matching and providing ongoing support - we won't just match you and leave you!​

coming soon

better profiles, better people

add more details to your profile to match with people who share your interests

your safety is our priority

feel secure with features designed to keep you, your mental health & your data safe

more than matching

enjoy dedicated support for your relationship - because we care about the outcome

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make beta better

we’re built by our community, for our community, and we’re always listening. that's why we've created spaces where you can provide feedback, request features & discuss your experiences.

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