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creative ways to tell someone you like them: from cute and quirky to sweet and simple

there's no one magical way to tell someone you like them – in fact, the best way might be to be creative and quirky about it! if you're looking for some inspiration, check out this list of unique ways to let someone know you care. from cute and clever ideas to simple and sweet gestures, we've got you covered. so don't shy away from letting your feelings be known – go ahead and express yourself in a creative way!

creative ways to tell someone you like them:

-send a cute animal video with a note that says you thought of them

-write a song or poem and perform it for them

-make a collage of reasons why you like them

-give them a compliment in the form of a pun

-buy tickets to their favourite band's concert and go with them

-cook their favourite meal and eat it together

-write a letter expressing your feelings for them

-have friends spell out "I like you" with sidewalk chalk in front of their house

-say it with food! cook their favourite dish, bake cookies in the shape of hearts, or pack a picnic lunch to enjoy in a romantic spot

-get creative with gifts! instead of buying roses, give them a plant that they can watch grow over time, or make a mix CD of love songs

-put your words into action and do something special for them! write a poem, draw a picture, or even just put together a photo album of happy memories you've shared together.

-send them a care package full of things that remind you of them, like their favourite candy bar, movie tickets to their favourite film, or even just a handwritten letter telling them how much you appreciate them.

bonus: creative ways to ask someone out on a date

if things go well, the next step is inviting them on a date! if you want to be creative about it, why not try:

-asking them to be your +plus one to a wedding or formal event you're already attending

-taking them on a themed date, like an '80s night or Harry Potter marathon movie day

-planning a scavenger hunt leading up to asking them out (hide clues around town, send them on a wild goose chase!)

-inviting them on an adventure! rather than asking them to dinner and a movie, try asking them to go rock climbing, hiking, or kayaking.

-planning a date night that is out of the ordinary, like going to a comedy show, a psychic reading, or playing tourist for the day and exploring your own city.

- creating a great date at one of the city's best date spots (and getting access to exclusive deals and discounts) with Boop: the going-on-dates app

at the end of the day, the best way to tell someone you like them is to just be yourself and say it! whether you write a letter, sing a song, or just tell them straight out, the most important thing is that they know how you feel. good luck!


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