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five proven first date questions to help you find that spark

first date questions; they can make or break the date. but where to start? do you come out, guns blazing, or ease them in gently? to help you get to know your date better and hopefully relieve some of the pressure to have an awesome first date, this article will help set you up with some great questions to ask to spark up a great conversation on your date.

1. what was the worst job you ever had?

people LOVE to complain. start the ball rolling by letting them vent about their worst job and you'll get a good sense of the sort of person they are - if they can turn their negative experiences into a funny story, you've got yourself a keeper. however, if they drone on about how awful it was, you get a sneak peek of the sort of vibe you'll be coming home to after they have a bad day - for the rest of your life.

2. what do you think you're pretty good at?

here's a chance for you both to show off a bit - and to find out if your date is a good conversationalist or not. if you both enjoy talking about each other's passions and interests, then that's a good sign that they're going to be fun to hang out with. however, if all they want to do is #humblebrag or don't seem interested in any of your interests, then it might be best just to save you both some time and get the check. of course, it helps if you already share some interests; for example, with Boop: the going-on-dates app you can join one of the many interest groups to find someone who shares your passions.

3. how do you deal with stress?

this is a pretty big question for a first date, so maybe wait until after the entrees. regardless, it's a good one to ask; it's probably fair to assume there's going to be some stress in your future! if your date has a stressful job, it's important that they also have ways to relieve these negative emotions - bonus points for you if these include long walks on the beach or playing games together. it's also a great way to gauge someone's attitudes toward mental health. if they're open to professional treatment such as counselling or therapy, it's probably safe to assume they're able to deal with their emotions in a healthy way, which is always a great sign for a relationship!

4. what are your biggest goals in life?

let's face it - ambition is sexy. you might not be looking for the next Jonny Kim (legendary doctor/astronaut/Navy Seal), but finding someone with a bit of drive, dreams and desires that at least match your own helps ensure your compatibility. a person's goals are a great insight into who they are as a person as it shows what's important to them - especially if their goals are personal (eg family-oriented), professional or both. this can also lead to some really interesting conversations if they've already achieved some of their goals; you can be sure they'll be passionate & engaged when sharing their accomplishments and the story of how they got there.

5. what's your mild superpower?

this is a fun lil' question you can throw in any time. it can reveal more than you expect about your date - it's a chance to get creative, highlights something they value and can start a much bigger conversation. at the very least, it's good for a laugh!

at the end of the da(te)

finding that balance between going into a date with cue cards, and winging it is important. to avoid awkward silences, repetitive conversations or nervous word vomit, it helps to have a few fun questions up your sleeve - but as with any good date, once the conversation gets going you'll forget all about the plan and just lose yourself in the fun of a great date!

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