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nine creative proposal ideas guaranteed to get that 'yes' for life

so you want to pop the question, but you're stuck on how to do it. you want it to be creative and memorable, something they'll treasure forever. well, fear not! We've got a few proposal ideas that will guarantee they say "yes." from setting up a really great date to proposing at a special location, we've got you covered. so get ready to sweep them off their feet and lock them in for life!

one great way to propose is to set up a really great date. you can start by taking them to a nice restaurant for dinner. then, you can take them for a walk in the park or down by the river. maybe you choose to end the night with a romantic dance under the stars - or at an escape room, or a break room, or with some karaoke. whatever you do, if it's special to your relationship it's sure to be a night they'll always remember! if you need some inspiration, try Boop: the going-on-dates app which has a curated list of the best, most creative and unique date spots near you - with exclusive deals and discounts!

another creative way to propose is to do it at a special location. this could be somewhere that's significant to your relationship or somewhere that holds meaning for both of you. for example, you could recreate your first date: take them back to where it all began, whether that's going to the same restaurant or bar, seeing the same movie, or even just taking a walk in the park. this is a lovely, thoughtful way to reflect on how far you've come as a couple and doing it in a place that's special to you will make the proposal even more memorable.

our personal favourite proposal idea is to write a song or poem for your partner. this is a great way to show your creative side and how much you care about them. write a song that captures all the reasons why you love them and perform it for them. if you're not the musical type, then you could always write a love letter expressing your feelings. whatever you do, make sure it comes from the heart and that it's something they'll truly appreciate.

if you really want to guarantee that they say yes, you need to get creative with your proposal! by putting some thought into it, you can make it an unforgettable experience for both of you - and who knows, maybe even start a new tradition in the process. here are some more examples:

- plan an adventurous day out: if you're both thrill seekers, then why not propose during an adrenaline-filled activity? it could be anything from bungee jumping to skydiving, or even something a little less intense like go-karting or zip-lining.

- set up a romantic picnic: there's something so magical about picnics, especially when they're filled with all your favourite foods and drinks. add in some fairy lights and you've got yourself a proposal that's straight out of a movie.

- cook them dinner: sometimes the simplest things are the most romantic. if you're not too great in the kitchen, then get some help from a friend or family member to ensure everything is perfect. top it off with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and you're good to go!

- get creative with scavenger hunts: this is a great way to get family and friends involved. Hide clues around your house or town that lead to the final prize - which is of course, you!

- plan a weekend away: sometimes the best way to propose is to whisk them away for a romantic weekend. book a cute Airbnb, pack some champagne and strawberries and enjoy quality time together.

- get down on one knee: this is the classic, tried-and-true way to propose and it's sure to make them tear up!

these are just a few proposal ideas that are sure to make them say 'yes!' remember, everyone's different; so to avoid becoming one of the stories you've heard of public proposals gone wrong or grand gestures that just don't quite hit the mark, make sure you pick the one that suits you both best, go out there and get planning. and remember have fun with it; after all, this is a once-in-a-lifetime moment. good luck!

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