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four easy tips to make dates great

you've matched, you chatted, you've asked them on a date - so far, everything's coming up Milhouse. but how do you make sure that the first date is great? what's the secret recipe that ensures you'll be telling the story of this date to your grandchildren 50 years from now?


it can be exciting getting to know someone - but sometimes we get a bit too wrapped up in our own awesomeness that we stop paying attention or what our partner has to say. remember, if this goes well, you may just end up living with this person for the rest of your ask them questions about themselves! find out what makes them special. do you share values? hobbies? food?


do you hate kids? want to get married tomorrow? extremely into spelunking? now is not the time to hide that. while it's probably not the best idea to spend too long explaining the specifics of spelunking, it's a chance to discover if you are compatible, or if you might be better off as friends (or a story to tell your friends later). you don't need to share every little detail about your life, but it's worth making sure you guys are aligned on what you're here for, to save a lot of time, energy and potential heartache down the line.


the absolute BEST thing you can do for your date is to go somewhere interesting! it's likely this is your first time going out with someone (or theirs, either) so make sure you do something memorable and fun - that way, if it goes well, you'll have the story to tell, and if it doesn''ll still have a good time. if you're dead set on dinner and drinks, try somewhere a little more impressive than your local pub, otherwise, broaden your horizons and try something new with someone new.


the going-on-dates app makes it easy to create great dates! find someone new, or invite a friend to the app, then create a great date by choosing from a curated list of the city's best date spots. when your partner accepts, the date details will be saved in your date list - along with your discount code if you've chosen a Boop partner! get out there, get to know someone new while doing something new and enjoy an extra round - on us 🍻


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