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picture perfect profiles are just a snap away

navigate the minefield of dating profile photos with this helpful guide designed to get you maximum matches and minimal mistakes.

1. the profile pic

your first photo should be of just yourself, a medium or full-body shot (typically, photos that are up close and personal or selfies get less interest). tilt your head slightly to the left and look directly into the camera for the best results.

2. the second choice

congrats! you got their attention; time to shine. your second photo should show a little more of your personality - if you love to cook, rock that chef's hat; if you're more of a cycling fiend, break out the lycra. just keep in mind your hobby is not your identity (we're looking at you, gym bros).

3. the interesting one (or two, or three)

Boop is all about getting out in the real world and doing fun things with fun people. what better way to show how fun you are than with a unique, interesting photo of you doing a unique, interesting thing at a unique, interesting place? try to avoid the cliches - we know you weren't really holding up the Leaning Tower of Pisa - and show something real, like that tiny street food stall where you tried crickets for the first time, or the action shot of you winning that high-stakes Scrabble game.

4. the 'real' one

no one looks good 100% of the time. if Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively can take bad photos, then you're certainly allowed to. if all goes according to plan, this person is going to see you with your mouth open, eyes scrunched, laughing your ass off - and as we all know that's not always your most attractive angle. get ahead of the game and give them a glimpse of glorious you - pure, unadulterated and genuine.

5. the 'i look goooood'

we've all got that one photo that makes us look AH-mazing, but is a fair way from what we usually look like. you're definitely going to want to put that in, but maybe don't lead with it unless you typically wear cocktail attire on the daily.

6. the 'you're only with me for my pet'

avoid solo photos of your pets lest you find yourself talking to someone with *ahem* niche interests *ahem*, but you're never more attractive than when your furry friend is vouching for you. plus, the Boop moderators love good boi (or girl!) so fair chance you'll get reviewed nice and quickly.

7. the group shot

try not to have more than one group shot on your profile, and not before the third photo. if you do include one, make it as easy to identify yourself as possible (no 'twinning' shots!)

8. the ones to avoid

heavy filters, topless selfies, corporate headshots, outdated photos, sunnies or hats that hide your beautiful face, minimal clothing for no reason (eg bikini not on a beach), photos where you've cropped the other person out, photos without you...none of these bodes well. just don't bother.

pro tip: duckface is rarely a good look

if you're still not sure if you should include that photo of your amazing brunch tacos from last weekend, play a round of cliche dating profile photo bingo.

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