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three terrific templates to help you write your best bio

writing a bio is HARD. not only do you have to find a way to sum yourself up in 300 characters or less, but you also need to come across as funny/interesting/not an a**hole while doing so. if you're seriously struggling to figure out what to write, why not give one of the following templates a try?

1. the 'three me'

this approach divides your bio into three clear sections - I am, I like and I'm looking for. use this opportunity to share a little insight into you - what you do, any special skills, maybe an endearing peccadillo or two - before moving on to what you like. what are your hobbies and interests? what makes you happy? then bring it all home with the I'm looking for and let people know if you're the one that they want (oo-oo-oo, honey).

I am...

a full-time data analyst, part-time dance enthusiast and casual basketballer. Not the best at mixing cocktails but pretty good at drinking them. Fluent in three languages - English, Spanish and flattery.

I like...

being active! Weekends are for living, not for watching movies on the couch. I'm also very partial to a home-cooked meal.

I'm looking for...

someone who wants to make it work. Not a fan of kids but huge bonus points for furry friends. I think I'm pretty funny so looking for someone with a sense of humour who can make me laugh too.

2. the 'pros/cons list'

if you've got a bit of a sense of humour, this can be a great way to share your strengths while making fun of some of your weaknesses.


- 5% off at Specsavers (work perk) - will make you look normal in comparison - doesn't leave dishes in the sink - knows when to let you win an argument

- sticks to 9 - 5 working hours


- likes pineapple on pizza

- still don't really know what 'disestablishmentarianism' means

- will never not want to go to the beach - will not watch the cricket with you. ever.

3. the 'references'

don't like to talk about yourself? let others do the talking. think about how your friends would describe you - the more honest, the better. follow it up with a question prompt and you got yourself a plethora of conversation starters.

'average fashion sense, great bolognese' - best friend

'matches socks after doing the laundry' - mum

'not as funny as she thinks she is' - sister

ask me about my mild superpower 😜

whatever you write, make it honest! check out our hot tips for a picture-perfect profile so you can be your best self on Boop: the going-on-dates app and find someone fun to do something fun with.


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