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three easy ways to help you flirt on dating apps that you might not know

flirting is an important first step in forming a deep connection when it comes to dating, be it in real life or online. but let's be honest, it's MUCH easier face-to-face.

if you're new to the online dating game, or just need to freshen up those skills, check out these tips for flirting online.

1. ask questions

it goes without saying that most people trying to find love on dating sites will love to talk about themselves. try asking questions that the other person is excited to answer, including questions about what they are interested in and what they’re looking for in an intimate partner. listening to their answers and referencing them later makes you look attentive, engaged and hella sexy.

tip: find something interesting in their profile and ask them about that. for instance, if their profile picture is taken on a beach or overseas, you can learn about their hobbies and find out if you can be compatible based on the things you both like to do during your free time.

craft your questions carefully to help you get an insight into their personality and evaluate if they’re someone you could potentially be compatible with. try to avoid closed-ended questions that require yes/no answers as these can kill the conversation flow.

2. give them a compliment

once you’ve established a connection with someone, complimenting them is another simple way to flirt with them. if you think there’s something special that makes them stand out, tell them and make sure it comes from a place of authenticity.

tip: don't give someone a compliment straight off the bat; this usually comes across as ingenious at best, creepy at worst and will likely make things awkward.

3. use their name when engaging in the conversation

this may seem like a small gesture, but it’s actually one of the best ways to flirt on online dating sites. using someone's name makes it feel like you've built a connection (and shows that you actually remember who you're talking to!) however, dropping their name too early or too frequently can be a little off-putting. if you're not sure, try saying the message out loud before you send it - if it sounds weird to you, it'll definitely sound weird to them.

4. take it offline!

the best way to flirt is definitely in-person. the sooner you can get off the app and get out on a date, the better! with Boop: the going-on-dates app, choose from curated a list of some of the city's best date spots and create a date to meet up in real life. pick a place that you'll both be interested in and come prepared with a few killer questions then just sit back and feel the chemistry!

introducing Boop: the going-on-dates app that lets you match, chat and create great dates.

find someone who shares your interests, choose from a curated list of the city’s best date spots and get access to exclusive menus, deals and discounts 🥂


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