how to find someone to create great dates with

dates aren't just for singles here at Boop: the going-on-dates app; they're for couples, friends, whoever! connect with your people for date nights, dates with mates, or meet someone new for a fun first date - either way, we want you to have a great time ❤️

option 1 - meet someone new

just think - there's someone awesome out there, just waiting for you to discover them. time to create a great profile to help them find you! download Boop, create your profile, set your filter preferences and start browsing! remember, there's much more to a person than their profile pic so take the time to really look through their information - you'll be surprised what you might find 😉

hit the little 'b' if you're interested and if it's a match head over to your inbox to start the conversation - and create a date!

option 2 - meet up with my people

so you already have a great date partner - you lucky thing! you can download Boop, create your profile - and when you get to the 'who are you interested in meeting' page select 'existing friends & family'. this will 'turn off discoverability' by default so you can't be seen by others on the app unless you share your profile directly. you can always turn this off on the browse profiles 'filters' page, or in 'my account'.

next, simply share your profile with your date - once you match, you can chat and create great dates!

coming soon: a whole new sign up process specifically for those who don't want to meet new people that sets your discoverability to off by default so you can just use the app with your people!

option 3 - both!

if you're single and want to create dates with mates, or in a relationship but want to meet a new brunch buddy, you can do both! either set your preferences during sign up (on the 'who are you interested in meeting' page), or update using the browse profiles 'filters' page, or in 'my account'. then browse profiles, and share your profile til you have a huge list of great dates to look forward too!

now for the fun bit - time to create great dates! check out our helpful guide here or download Boop to get started today!