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tips to create your perfect profile

we think you're pretty cool, but convincing someone on the internet of that in 300 characters or less...that's a big ask. to avoid having to whip out and try to impress people with fancy words like gregarious or effervescent or pernicious (which is probably not how you want to describe yourself anyway), here are 5 tips to help you create the perfect profile.

1. come as you are

this might seem obvious, but is so often overlooked - be yourself! whether you're looking for a for-now friend or a lifetime partner, you're going to want to find someone who likes YOU, not the profile you've created. keep the embellishments, filters and technicalities to a minimum. do you like warm milk on your cereal? embrace it! there's sure to be another weirdo out there...or at least someone who finds it endearing.

2. what i like about you

as you swim through the oceans of profiles, looking for that special someone, who do you want to find? do they love running marathons or movie marathons? are they interested in French culture, or just the cheese? do they work hard, or hardly work? opposites don't always attract, and while most of us don't exactly want to date ourselves, it can't hurt to find someone with similar goals, interests and values so make sure you're putting out there what you want to get back.

3. pictures of you

while you might want to make sure your main profile pic is *on point*, your photos give you seven opportunities to express yourself - so use them well! don't be afraid to not look your best, you want them to fall for that stunning personality, after all.

for inspiration (and to avoid putting up a pic you'll regret later), check out our guide to picture-perfect profiles.

4. feeling myself

time to sell yourself (figuratively, of course). we're not talking about virtue signalling or bragging...if you donate to charity and write about it in your bio, did you even donate at all? instead, think of yourself as a used car salesman sharing all the good bits. ever rescued a kitten from a tree? put it in. can you recite all the kings and queens of England? share your talent with the world. won a medal in grade 5 athletics? you better believe they're going to want to know about that. people want to get to know the real you, beyond just your job, hobbies and travel experiences - give them something interesting to spark up a conversation.

5. R.E.S.P.E.C.T

this one's a double whammy - first of all, be respectful! if you have strong political views or a laundry list of what you don't want in a partner, your profile is not the best place to share them. remember, we're all here to find someone fun to do something fun - there's enough negativity in the world. secondly, SPELLCHECK! don't miss out on someone great because you didn't proofread.

easy like Sunday mornings

...ok, maybe not quite as easy as a Sunday morning, but it's a great place to start! given how much thought can go into a profile, we encourage you to spend a bit more time diving deeper than just that profile photo - there's a whole person there, with hopes, dreams and surprisingly good dance moves waiting to be discovered. give them a chance, send them a message and organise a date through Boop: the going-on-dates app that lets you match, chat and create great dates. find someone who shares your interests, choose from a curated list of the city’s best date spots and get access to exclusive menus, deals and discounts - so you can order that extra round/second bowl of chips/decadent brownie while they finish telling you that story about the jellyfish, baked alaskan and sandalwood incense.


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